Fitness as a part of Self-Care

We believe that fitness and the health of body and mind helps us to become more spiritual fit and capable as well. To meet these goals we have opened our space to several members of the community that offer a host of programs for bodily well being.


Fire Fitness

A word from fire fitness:
“At Fire Fitness, we believe fitness is for every Body. Everyone that wants a stronger, leaner and more flexible body can achieve these goals. Why should you focus on a stronger, leaner and more flexible body, when all you may want to do is lose 10 pounds? A stronger, leaner and more flexible body will insure that you are able to participate fully in all the adventures that life has to offer and yes, you will lose those unwanted pounds.”

You can contact for rates and packages by clicking HERE.

Yoga Instruction

A huge part of our Selah Center yoga is combination of spiritual, physical and emotional balance. We have several instructors that will be returning upon completion of our renovation project. Be on the look out for changes and updates!