Deacons at The Church at Ponce & Highland partner with the pastors and church ministry team to perform the pastoral ministry work of the church. Election and ordination as a deacon is not just an “honor,” but a call from God. Just as the pastor and other ministers are called by and are accountable to the church, so too are the deacons.

To serve effectively in the ministry work of C@P&H, deacons should be persons who demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to work well with people
  • Show potential for contributing to an effective ministry
  • Are willing to serve
  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity

In the fall of each year, the church body is asked to participate in the deacon nominating process by submitting names of individuals believed to be good candidates for service as deacons. For reference purposes there are two Biblical texts that are widely accepted as addressing the qualifications of deacon: 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:1-7. Members are requested to prayerfully consider those Biblical texts as well as the expectations of deacons listed below as they submit nominations. Likewise, the list of expectations should prove helpful for individuals considering answering the call to service as a deacon.

  1. In support of the C@P&H pastors and other ministry team members, deacons sometimes serve as lay ministers to the congregation. This ministry service may take the form of providing intermittent assistance at “point of need” to the church family (for example, giving someone a ride to a job interview, picking up medicine from the pharmacy, or helping to rearrange furniture in a home). Work in this ministry effort may take more of a long-term approach (for example visiting a person who is no longer physically able to come to church, keeping that person in prayer and making the church body aware of his/her needs as they arise). In this way, deacons truly support the ministry work of our professional ministry team.
  2. Deacons participate in planning and implementation of ministry efforts through involvement in regular meetings and other planning sessions.
  3. Deacons participate in church life as church members, including supporting the church through prayer, tithes and offerings, and involvement in efforts of the church.
  4. Deacons participate and are involved in worship services. Examples of this involvement include: collecting the offering each Sunday (per a schedule), speaking the offertory prayer, assisting in straightening up the Sanctuary following Sunday worship services, preparation and service of the elements for the Lord’s supper and clean-up afterwards.
  5. Deacons commit to serve for a four-year term. At the end of this service period, they must remain inactive for a minimum of one year. Inactive deacons or persons who have not yet been ordained may be nominated to serve as a deacon.