Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for planning the annual operating budget, initiating the church-wide Stewardship Emphasis each Fall (working in conjunction with the Stewardship Action Group) and approving requests up to a certain amount to use funds from the Nell Payne Barrett Opportunity Fund. Additionally, the Finance Committee meets monthly to review a Financial Report provided by the church Financial Secretary.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible, working with the Pastor, for hiring any new Ministry Team (Staff) members. In some cases, the Personnel Committee will function as a Search Committee, depending on the position. The Personnel Committee also conducts an annual review of the performance of each Ministry Team member and makes recommendations to the Finance Committee during the budget preparation period regarding compensation. The Personnel Committee can also function as a consulting body for Pastor and other Ministry Team leaders when necessary.


The Trustees are the group within the church most directly responsible for decisions related to the maintenance, repair and general operation of the physical plant and related properties, such as the parking lot, grounds, and vehicles. The Trustees also function as the official legal representatives of the church, with the Chair of the Trustees as the designated signatory for legal documents and contracts.

Endowment Trust Committee

The Endowment Trust Committee is responsible for monitoring the activity of the Druid Hills Endowment Trust Funds, managed by the Georgia Baptist Foundation and providing a regular report to the church. Additionally, the Endowment Trust Committee monitors and makes decisions related to the investment portion of the Nell Payne Barrett Fund. A subcommittee of the Endowment Trust Committee will function as the Scholarship Committee to make decisions related to scholarship funds made available to DHBC members for higher education